Jethro's BBQ

Originally submitted by Josh Brink on 12/29/2010

Jethro's BBQ a national renown restaurant and bar located a block west from Drake University has been serving mouth-watering barbecue in the heart of Bulldog country for many years now. Jethro's supports Drake in many different ways. One of the biggest ways Jethro's supports the Bulldogs is through Spike's Army. The meat is prepared in a 750 pound smoker and cooked slowly to give it the taste that the restaurant is known for. If you're not hungry, there are fifteen big screen televisions and 15 satellites allowing Jethro's to offer any kind of sporting event with the comfort at sitting at the bar. In 2008, Better Homes and Gardens rated Jethro's as their favorite barbecue. Cityview also rated Jethro's as the best wings in Des Moines. [1]

Travel Channel

On October 6th, 2010, Jethro's appeared on Man vs Food on the Travel Channel. Host Adam Richman attempted the Adam Emmenecker challenge. This challenge is named after the Drake basketball player that was recognize as the Missouri Valley Conference Most Valuable Player of 2008. [2] This challenge consists of a five pound monster sandwich that has to be eaten in fifteen minutes. Man vs Food's host Richman failed. Those who do win get the meal for free, a picture on the wall of fame, and a free Jethro's BBQ t-shirt. [1]


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