Course Syllabus:

Required Text:researchstrategies.jpg

Badke, W. B. (2008). Research strategies: Finding your way through the information fog. New York: iUniverse, Inc.

Recommended Stylebook

APA Style Manual (6th ed.)
Information about manuals and helpful online assistant at

APA Style Aid tutorial

Also, see Appendix 1.6.2 of your textbook for links to crib sheets with APA formatting examples. (Hint: page 205)

Additional Readings About Wikis:
Article for 8/31 class -

Additional Readings About Writing Biographies:

, Chapter 18 of Webster's New World Student Writing Handbook

In-Class Assignments:

Drake History-Related Resources:

Drake Heritage Collections (website)

Times-Delphic Index

Oral History Resources

How to Guide for Doing Oral Histories

(courtesy of Erica Skuta)

(courtesy of Alyson Collins)

StoryCorps (website)

Oral History Association (website)

Wiki-Related Resources

About Writing for the Web:

Variety of Wikis on 1970 Kent State Shootings

Wikispaces Wiki on Kent State Shootings

PBworks Wiki on KSU Massacre

Wikipedia Wiki on Kent State Shootings

Video of Massacre (Class at KSU)

Additional: "May 4 Collection" at Kent State University Library

Additional Items about Wikis:

Wikipedia: Pros and Cons