Drakeapedia is a wiki page about Drake University, developed by Drake students for the Drake community. The page was created by the First Year Seminar Class in the Fall of 2010. Their course, FYS022 - Drakepedia* - Building a Living Archive, was designed so the students would learn more about Drake history through the use of the library's special collections and resources, creating and using wiki technology and capturing history by conducting oral histories.

Pages are separated between:

Artifacts - physical items related to Drake with relevant histories
Buildings - current and razed buildings on campus as well as some area views of campus
Oral Histories - interviews with Drake alums, administration, faculty and staff
Organizations - includes student government, Greek organizations, and clubs
People - information about people associated with Drake from the past and present (including alums, administrators, faculty/staff, board of trustees, and benefactors)
Traditions - Drake specific traditions

NOTE - as we are transitioning the classwork into the public arena, we will be editing material and removing items that may be in violation of copyright laws due to the difference between a classroom environment and public viewing.

Visitors Contributions - as this is a wiki, we welcome additions to the current pages.

* - due to another organization trademarking "Drakepedia" we have had to change our spelling

Questions or inquiries may be directed to Susan Fink (susan.fink@drake.edu or 515-271-3994) or to Claudia Frazer (claudia.frazer@drake.edu or 515-271-3776)